Sept. 7, 2020

From Table Tops to Live Ops, with Bruce Harlick

From Table Tops to Live Ops, with Bruce Harlick

Bruce Harlick is a prolific game designer and a beloved member of the bay area design community. He's worked at Monolith, LucasArts, Zynga, TinyCo, Hanger 13, and more on everything from MMOs to Facebook games. In our talk, we dive into live operations, content calendars, and managing KPI from a designers perspective.

Bruce Has Much to Share In This Episode

  • How much content do you need to launch?
  • How to make a game that doesn't create an impossible content treadmill for your team
  • Why live ops allows as much, or more creativity as making new games
  • The importance of designing effective content tools
  • How to effectively use production resource on a live product
  • The negative impact of tech debt and procedural debt
  • How to balance between retention and revenue
  • Why live ops forces  teams to constantly reinvent the game and bring in new ideas
  •  How to put together a quarterly calendar of content releases in a way that balances the key KPI
  • How to balance out risky new features with reliable features
  • How to adjust a release plan based on the feedback and metrics from users
  • How to design for your game's audience
  • How to work with your community to create content your users will love
  • The importance of passion and empathy in game design

Connect with Bruce on Instagram: @amazingfoxbat