Sept. 15, 2020

Inside the Mind of a Game God, with Steve Meretzky

Inside the Mind of a Game God, with Steve Meretzky

I mean, it's Steve Meretzky, one of the greatest game writers and puzzle designers of all time. He's also served as VP of Games at King, VP of Creative at GSN, and VP of Game Design at Playdom/Disney. Steve is a hilarious creative force for good, and in this interview he shares stories and insights from his wide ranging and impactful career making games. Interested in contacting or working with Steve? You can find his LinkedIn profile in the show notes.

Interested in collaborating with the great Steve Meretzky? Find him on LinkedIn here.

In This Wide Ranging Interview, Steve Shares Mucho Wisdom:

  • How to know during a project if it’s on track for greatness
  • How technology choices can make or break your game project
  • How to moderate creative ambition so the resources of your team don’t get stretched too thin
  • What should come first, the story or the puzzles in an adventure game?
  • How Steve invented and developed leather goddesses of phoebes
  • A valuable story about the dangers of not leveraging successes when you have them
  • Tips for choosing an IP for your audience
  • How Steve develops new characters
  • And much more!