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Mountain of insight and knowledge

Jordan’s guests are all amazing and share a ton of knowledge. Highly recommended for anyone interested in how industry veterans get things done. I found this podcast while listening to Jordan on GameDev Loadout episode 107.

He’s back, Awesome news!!!

I love this podcast!!! Re-listened to a couple of episodes a few times, hoping for something new. 😢 But it’s back!! 🙀🕺🏻🎉

Compelling and insightful

As an artist that has been in and out the gaming industry, I found this podcast very insightful, it has definitely broaden my view of the industry and my rol in it, as well as influenced my future plans for my career. I was late to finding this podcast, but I hope a second season will come at some point.

An Invaluable Source of Resources

Firstly..thank you Jordan, for the time you spend applying polish to Playmakers fit & finish. If you love games and just want a thoughfully crafted peek at the Creatives behind some your favorites than that's what you get. While to those of you that love games but find your passion developing beyond just the controller, Playmakers offers a comprehensive outline of the mechanics that control the dynamics of not only the markets but the players demands.

Hack it!

I love how this is outside of my industry, yet it still gives me insights and tips on how I can better my industry while listening to content (games!) that I love.

It's gamer-tastic!

If you are in the game industry or are a gaming aficionado/follower like me, you'll want to listen to this show. And if you're in the game industry and you're NOT listening to Playmmakers, then you're NOT a player!

My favorite back-end gaming podcast

Jordan does an exceptional job analyzing the industry and hosting super informative interviews. If you're intersted in learning about the inner workings of the gaming world, this is your podcast. Subscribed.

Valuable information shared

This podcast has great audio quality. Jordan is a great host and full of jokes which makes for a good listen. There is a large array of valuable information to be used for both business and pleasure in the Gaming Industry. I recommend it if youre a novice or expert.

Great game industry insights!

Great interviews, extremely insightful interviews!!

The stories behind the games!

Jordan has a great podcast and in addition to his crazy-knowledge of all things gaming, he gets industry folks to tell you the stories behind you favorite games! If you love games, you'll love this podcast!

Good Stuff

Great format, great content. Really happy to have this as a resource.

In depth discussions you won't find anywhere else

Great podcast with really interesting interviews and solid production value. Jordan's found exceptional guests with valuable and practical information on topics ranging across the full production cycle of a game; everything from how to start developing that initial spark of an idea to how to go about finding funding and publishing for your title.


This podcast is a game changer! Value content provided in a useful way. Look forward to listening to more!

Very easy listening!

Quality content with quality audio.

THE Gaming Podcast

This is the show that's finally going to get me to end my video game sabbatical! Great show on gaming and the industry as a whole. Check it out!

Great stuff

I love this podcast, Jordan is a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it. valuable content

Jordan knows is stuff.

And he gets good interviews. Great insider info!

Valuable Insights

Loving this new podcast. As an experience game producer I've already found it educational and it's fascinating to hear the perspective of some really accomplished and well-respected peers/professionals. I definitely recommend this as a regular listen for anyone working in, or hoping to work in, the games industry.

It's rally hard to listen to this in the car..

I have had to pull over a few times, rewind, and take notes because the info is spot on. As some one who is knee deep in constant fundraising Episode 1 (with Jason Della Rocca) is excellent. I enjoy the banter and deep knowledge Jordan has of the industry. Can't wait to hear the next one.


Just listened to your riveting episode with Lev Chapelsky and found it fascinating, entertaining and educational. It's creative genius. Congratulations on the big launch. I'm hooked!


What a terrific hour! Learned alot about how to position your start-up to attract outside funding. THe three must have pillars towards the end of episode 1 is a dont miss summary of how to structure and pitch your start up. Jordan is a consummate professional. His intimate knowledge of the industry crystalizes in both his insightful questions and lightening quick validations of the guests examples I think this particular episode is valuable for every start-up in any industry!

Great job Jordan!

Great job Jordan!

Great listen for fun and profit

I'm not in the industry but I do play video games and this podcast is a lot of fun to listen to. The behind the scenes looks into the inner workings of the industry are fascinating, and the interviews are well executed and produced.

Finally, a podcast for the game industry!

Good to hear a new voice. Jordan has good rapport with his guests and really draws out interesting tidbits. Not just interesting. Useful!

A treasure for any playmaker entrepreneur

On this important show, host Jordan Blackman uncovers the basics of gaming staurtups and chat with industry's leaders about their road to success. An enjoyable and most important show for any gaming entrepreneur and wannabes.

Let us play a game

This is the one. Yup! You're in gaming, then this is it, this show will be your go to podcast. Great podcast!

Great contents

Great contents. Nicely done.

5-star inspiration for anyone in the game industry

Playmakers podcast is unique--Jordan Blackman has found a way to inspire you to tap into your creative genious and also to guide you to manage your business in the best possible way. Fantastic guests. 5 stars!

This is the Host

Hey this is Jordan the host of Playmakers. I just want to say THANK YOU for checking out the show and extra props if you write a review and tell me what guests and topics you'd like us to have on the show. This show is for you to help you succeed creatively and in your career, and I need your input to make it as valuable and relevant to you as possible. Thanks again! -Jordan

A Fresh Perspective on Gaming!

I love their unique and refreshing topics on gaming! I've learned new things that make me appreciate all of the work that goes into it way more. Fantastic work!